Jonathan Sugarman
Documentary Art photography & lighting Workshop


You are an artist (painter, sculptor, craftsperson etc.) who would like to document your work for posterity or resale purposes.  This hands-on workshop/mini course is for you. Jonathan will demonstrate how to use off-camera lighting to get professional looking results on a limited budget. You will learn the formulas of lighting technique that professionals use to deal with problematic subjects such as reflective painting surfaces and how to meter the subject to get accurate exposure. Factors such as depth of field, sharpness and obtaining accurate color will also be demonstrated and discussed. We will be using easy to understand and effective set-ups with continuous studio lights and reflectors.  

This course is for beginner to intermediate level students who own a digital camera with manual control of exposure — or selectable shooting modes including aperture priority. We will supply continuous lighting equipment, a tripod and a seamless white backdrop. This course is geared toward photographing medium sized art works including painting, sculpture, carving, pottery, and larger jewelry pieces. We will not be equipped for macro work at this time but if you have macro capable equipment it is a possibility depending on your subject matter (please check with Jonathan first).

Each student is encouraged to bring their camera and 2-3 pieces of their work to photograph.  Jonathan will be assisting and coaching throughout. We will have a camera available for those who  don’t own one, but if you want to use our camera please bring a USB stick to take the images home with you.

Duration 3 hours (1 hour demo and approx two hours shooting) 10:00 am - 1 pm

Cost: $90+HST per student 

Minimum 4 students / Maximum 5