Meraqi Art Annex at

The Fort Henry Trade Square  

See you again in 2020!

 Located at  1 Fort Henry Dr, Kingston, ON K7K 5G8


The Trade Square, Kingston’s newest shopping district inside the walls of the Fort.  Shoppers can enter the Upper Fort free of charge.

Stop by and meet some of the artists, view and purchase art from the wide and eclectic collection of art created by artists from Kingston and the surrounding area.  Jewellery, pottery, mosaic glasswork, mixed media paintings, metalwork, wood furniture, wood art pieces and more!


Hours to be announced

With Meraki at Meraqi Art Annex!
Artists inspired to create works of art with soul, creativity, and love — when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing it's created with Meraki, whatever it may be!

Meraqi Art Annex would like to Welcome Jenny Perkin, Lisa Ferguson, Lisa Nicholas, Annie Nicholas, Rhian Jansen, & Lisa Morrissey to our amazing collective of local artists!