I am a former co-owner of Koru Art Annex & Studio in Kingston Ontario.  I am now the owner of Meraqi Art Annex at 66 Brock Street in Kingston Ontario, ARTIST UNDER TAP!  I am an Eclectic Artist also known as "The Eclectic Bohemian" who is working to become as Green a Silversmith as I can. I am incorporating more upcycled and recycled supplies in my knitting, jewellery and other projects so I am able to create functional art that has a less negative impact on the environment.


I am a metalsmith/silversmith creating wearable art using Stirling Silver, Copper, Brass and stones handcrafted by me. I also create functional pieces of clothing under my line "Gnome Gear" an assortment of funky one of a kind hats and scarves, made with wool, cotton, recycled silk sari yarns and often copper, brass, bronze and wood. I also enjoy combining my pottery pieces with metals and other materials like wood and fibre.