My fabric sculptures can be placed indoor or outdoor (as indicated on the

information tag. Outdoor sculptures can be placed on your patio, balcony or in your

garden. An outdoor finish is applied to protect the sculpture from the weather

and can be gently cleaned off with water. Place in a protected area so the

sculpture is not blown over by wind or by animals. I like to take my fabric

sculptures outside with me during the day and bring them inside at the end of the

day - they have become close friends. When lifting the sculpture, life from the

base the sculpture is sitting upon.


Fabric sculpture is a new passion of mine and there are many steps in their

creation. It all starts with making a wire frame for the body and then giving that

frame bulk. The sculpture is then given the final pose. Fabric is cut in pieces to

cover the sculpture’s body/skin and the clothes the sculpture will be wearing.

These fabric strips are dipped in a fabric hardener (Powertex) and the sculpture

begins. After the fabric has hardened, the sculpture is highlighted or painted to

add more colour. The final step is spraying the sculpture with an exterior urethane

finish. Custom orders are welcome.