Barb Simard is a fabric Artist, born and raised in Kingston.  Barbara has always had an interest in fabrics and sewing.  Her appreciation of art has taken her on a number of art studio tours where she first discovered fabric wall art and then fabric sculpture.  Immediately signing up for art workshops, she approached these mediums with enthusiasm and passion.


Fabric sculpture is a unique medium.  Outdoor and indoor sculptures are created with a wire armature, fabric and a fabric hardener (Powrtex).  Each sculpture takes on its own personality and becomes a one-of-a-kind creation.  Sculptures vary in size and custom orders are welcome.


Fabric wall art is like doing a puzzle, only with pieces of material. Scenes are often created from photographs and may contain hundreds of pieces of fabric.  Some fabric art scenes are painted with a water base sealer.  Prints of originals art works are also available in prints and art cards.


Non-toxic substances are use in the creation of sculptures and wall art.          


Fabric Sculpture Information